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About our clinic :


Smiles on Sparks is located in the heart of Downtown Ottawa. Discover our comprehensive dental care like general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry. Our dental clinic provide basic services such as teeth whitening, amalgam fillings, root canal treatments, and routine tooth extractions, as well as dental surgery such as wisdom tooth extractions, gum graftings, tooth implants, complex oral surgery procedures, and many more. We are also providing multiple orthodontics treatments such as clear aligners systems and braces.

Your dental health is our priority !

Your teeth play a big role in your everyday life and it’s essential to take a good care of them. Dr. Halpin and his team offer you personalized services in a warm environment. All available options and informations are gonna be given to all his patients, so they can make the best informed-decision about all their dental care. We are always working to offer you a healthy smile !

Our services:

  • Dental & General Dentistry
  • Dental & Smile Evaluation
  • Dental & Extractions
  • Damon Braces & Clear Braces
  • Spark Clear Aligners (Free consultation)
  • Behind-The-Teeth Braces
  • Implants
  • Sports Appliances
  • TMJ Therapy
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Gum Grafting




Spark aligners are one of the most discrete and comfortable aligners on the market today. Each aligner is hand trimmed to offer the highest level of comfort. All the Spark aligners utilize high-tech 3D imaging just like the leading brand aligners to create a custom treatment plan. The aligners work in the same manner as every other brands, however, with one very big difference, they are are only available to orthodontists, compared to other aligners, which is available to general dentists. Spark are made with TruGen, the latest innovation in clear aligner material. Compared to the leading aligner brand, Spark is clearer, more comfortable and stains less. Dr. Halpin and his team will lead you in which aligner suits you best, so you can get the smile you always wanted.


Please call today for your free Spark Clear Aligner consultation !





Our clinic is proud to offer you a variety of general dental cares that suits you perfectly. Your smile is what makes a good impression. Our vast range of services includes exctaction (wisdom teeth), smile evaluation, sports appliances, root canal therapy and more. You are going to find a general care exactly for your needs !


Losing teeth is a common occurrence resulting from accidents, poor dental hygiene or regular wear. Missing teeth need to be replaced by artificial teeth to avoid alignment, malocclusion and chewing problems. In addition, missing teeth cause the jawbone to slowly lose density. At Smile on Sparks, we make sure that we will give you the smile that you deserve. We offer a variety of implants suited for all needs !


The desire to improve someone's smile is often disturbed by the thoughts of wearing visible brackets and wires. Behind-the-teeth braces such as the Alias™ system is now better than ever. Instead of traditionally having the brackets and wires on the labial (facial) side, they are attached to the inside of the teeth. At Smile on Sparks, Dr. Halpin offers you those braces for a more subtle approach for the teeth alignment !

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