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Montreal Family Dentistry
  • Montreal Family Dentistry

    325-1440 Sainte-Catherine W. Street
    Montreal Quebec H3G 1R8
  • Téléphone : 514-935-1953
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About our clinic :

Visit our clinic and live the unique Montreal Family Dentistry experience. Complete dental care services are provided in a safe environment for you. Each patient is treated a member of our family in the utmost comfortable and warm ambience. We offer services and technologies at the top of the industry’s highest standards, to comply with all your needs.

We care for your dental health!

The whole family, as well as new patients, are welcomed to our clinic. We can help you, so don’t hesitate to give us a call!


Services offered at the clinic:

  • – Dental checkup and cleaning
  • – White filings (Composite restorations)
  • – Root canal therapy
  • – Teeth extractions
  • – Emergency dentistry
  • – Gum disease therapy
  • – Invisalign
  • – Bridges and crowns
  • – Porcelain veneers
  • – Implant-supported crowns and bridges
  • – Full mouth rehabilitation
  • – Teeth whitening
  • – Intraoral camera
  • – Digital X-rays
  • – Complete and partial dentures




Invisalign® is one of the best solutions for discreet orthodontic treatment compared to traditional braces. The metal supports and wires of the pins are replaced by a system of plastic, translucent, custom-made and computer-designed devices. These transparent aligners bear the name of aligners and, like conventional braces, allow teeth to be straightened very effectively. These small trays are made of smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic, and will be worn on your teeth. Each set of aligners is designed to make small changes to the alignment of your teeth. Every two weeks, the sets will be changed and they will gradually guide your teeth to their appropriate positions. You will come to visit the clinic on a regular basis, throughout the treatment to make sure your smile is progressing in the right direction and as intended.


We all know that a healthy, beautiful smile improves our appearance. Through the development of techniques and technological advances, the process of returning teeth to their best functional and aesthetic health, restorative dentistry, repairs or replaces decayed, lost, chipped or broken teeth. It should also be noted that the mouth is a fairly hostile environment where the teeth are exposed to bacteria, acids (food, drink and digestion), repetitive thermal changes and sometimes even repeated and unconscious movements of the teeth rubbing (bruxism). . Restorative treatments include dental fillings (fillings) to repair decayed teeth, Invisalign treatment to improve or correct a bad bite, dental sealants to protect teeth from decay, crowns and bridges to replace outdated dental restorations or damaged teeth, and dentures to replace missing teeth. If your teeth would benefit from restorative treatment, rest assured that we will always discuss the best options with you, so that we can recommend the treatment that best suits your needs. Contact us to improve your smile!


A dental emergency is the subject of special attention that quickly requires the intervention or attention of a dental professional. At the clinic, we understand very well that you can't always plan ahead when you will need our care. If you need to meet with one of our dentists for a dental emergency, our team will give you the appointment you need, in order to receive the desired care. We are happy to be able to take care of a multitude of dental emergencies.

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